Short Story

  • Memories
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 27 Februari, 2018 at 1:00 am

    MY father’s first love had been a woman who carried the ocean inside her. He had told us many tales of how she sang to the sea and held hands with the moon when the entire world was asleep.The last time he had seen her was at his high school graduation ceremony when she had stood at the podium, bearing the honor of being the school’s valedictorian. And while my father spent the next few months after finishing high school dreaming about sharing kisses under the moon, she had gone on […]

  • “Mad Man”
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 16 Januari, 2018 at 4:27 am

    THEY call me the mad man. Maybe it’s my long and messy hair. Maybe it’s my shabby appearance. Maybe it’s my habit of roaming around the city for years. Maybe it’s the fact that I am different from the socalled “normal people.” Or maybe I just look like a mad man.Actually, I consider myself the happiest person in this town. I am a free man who has the privilege to do anything I want. My life is joyful; I have no burden — free as a bird. I’m free to […]

  • The Ocean in Between
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 19 Desember, 2017 at 1:00 am

    IT was her thirty-seventh birthday today, and he — the husband — had taken her out for a romantic dinner at the Ritz, followed by an evening of rhythm and blues at their favorite café in Kemang.A tall African-American performer stood on a corner stage, rendering Seal’sKiss From A Rose. The husband called for the waitress and asked for a bottle of champagne.The waitress returned, moments later, bearing a tray of wine glasses and a silver bucket filled with ice to cool […]

  • Given Another Life
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 5 Desember, 2017 at 1:29 am

    FIVE minutes to three in the early hours of the morning, Adinda sat upright on her bed and wiped the sweat sticking to her forehead with the back of her small bandaged left hand. Clutching the glass of water beside her bed, she took a sip thirstily, waiting.At exactly three, she took the cell phone beside the glass of water and dialed the number she now knew by heart. She did not put the number on speed dial because she wanted the pleasure of punching in the numbers on her phone in the dark. It […]

  • The Party
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 22 November, 2017 at 1:00 am

    THE military is rounding people up,” my boss said, sipping his coffee in the house’s small but sunny kitchen. No cream, two sugars. If you were what you drank, then the sweet, black coffee suited him perfectly. He was not a bitter man, despite how he might seem and all the rumors that circulated behind his back.“So I’ve heard. People are starting to leave town,” I replied, stifling a yawn, the result of a seemingly never-ending night.Yesterday, I waited two hours […]