Short Story

  • Happy Holidays
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 10 Juli, 2017 at 9:40 am

    EIGHT is an age too young for anyone to know the different shades of “normal.”The day you came home from school to find all your Crayolas snapped in half, your piggy-bank smashed too early, colored dust and peach ceramics littering your desk like the aftermath of a childhood memory that didn’t happen but exploded anyway, was the day your universe changed its course and your sun set in the east on gloomy mornings.On my eighth Christmas, which was two weeks after my eighth […]

  • The Wanderer
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 3 Juli, 2017 at 11:56 am

    AFTER years, after decades, an old wanderer meets this young lady.It’s a drizzly and windy afternoon. Rain has lovingly left them with mystical puddles. These masonry seats look like they’ve been fatefully set under the bougainvillea shade. They sit next to each other. Quivering bougainvillea leaves dance harmoniously against the softest wind of dusk.“Tell me about love,” says the young lady.“Love?” replies the wanderer.“Yes. Tell me about […]

  • Sealed With a Kiss
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 19 Juni, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    UTA watches as the water comes bursting out of the fountain at the Italian Garden in Hyde Park. It shot high into the sky, forming shades of rainbow on their tracks. Uta sinks even deeper into his wooden chair, stretching out his long legs to make himself comfortable. He crosses his arms and hums quietly while enjoying the warm sunlight across his face. It is almost 11. If he were in Jakarta, he would be sweating from all the heat. But this is London in the spring. Like other Londoners, Uta is […]

  • An Evolutionary History
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 12 Juni, 2017 at 6:52 am

    FOR weeks I had told Rora — my roommate — that I didn’t want to go to the stupid Christmas party, which her boyfriend, Taher, insisted on throwing despite reports of a possible snowstorm some time in the next few days.“He’s not my boyfriend,” said Rora.“He’d like to be, though,” I said.“You’re reading it all wrong.”“You’re blinder than a bat.”“We’re going,” said Rora.“Why is he […]

  • Beautiful Boy
    by Kliping Sastra Nusantara on 5 Juni, 2017 at 4:15 am

    BROKEN arms and legs. A severed head. That was the condition of his doll three days after it was bought at the flea market using the money he had set aside each day. It had stayed in his room for just as long and now his mother tossed the doll into a wastebasket.“You’re not allowed to buy these dolls, anymore,” said his mother. “I’m tired of having to repeat myself over and over again.” She scolded him with one hand on her waist and another pointing at […]