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Label: Maggie Tiojakin

The Ocean in Between

IT was her thirty-seventh birthday today, and he — the husband — had taken her out [...]

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What’s on Sunday?

IT was not yet 10:30 a.m., but more than 300 churchgoers from neighboring parishes had already [...]

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Day of Reckoning

Category: Short Story, Author:

Joko makes his way through a massive crowd of students out on the yard of the [...]

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The Wanderer

AFTER years, after decades, an old wanderer meets this young lady. It’s a drizzly and windy afternoon. [...]

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An Evolutionary History

FOR weeks I had told Rora — my roommate — that I didn’t want to go [...]

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It’s late. When Henry’s flight finally touches down at Changi Airport, it is already past ten [...]

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