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Because You Remember

Dunia ini pang mantaganta (This world where we dwell) Ibarat Noraka pakkasiatta (Feels like hell) Hidup [...]

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Her big smile somehow eclipsed her small and slouching figure as she extended a greeting hand: [...]

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The Men Who Stole The Stars

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“I know you won’t jump off,” Ahmad told him, “No matter how far you get to [...]

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A Hairy Tale

There is a strand of hair at the back of her right calf. She hunches down [...]

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The Other Woman

Norman never knew why he was so bothered by his wife’s question. He paced the room, [...]

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The Secret of The Citrus Tree

“Someday, if you see your dad walking out at night, don’t ever follow him and never [...]

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The Chosen Ones: New World Order

On July 17, 2175, the world’s greatest scientists, businesspeople, world-class leaders and politicians gather in the [...]

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Home Sweet Home

Like her name, Mega, which means a girl who is like the clouds, Edemi Mega loved [...]

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Know Thy Neighbors

“Ibu, they’re getting closer,” my 7-year old daughter screams. Anxiety in her voice. “They’re setting fire [...]

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The Ambulance Driver

A woman works as an ambulance driver. She saves lives every single night. Every morning she [...]

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