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The Tin Box

When I was a small child, I kept some treasures in a tin box hidden under [...]

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The Woman who Lost Her Face

One morning Annisa woke up, and when she looked in the mirror, she realized she no [...]

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Love & Loyalty

This story takes place somewhere on Java, in south Yogyakarta. On a quiet road, on the [...]

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It was the way she rested her head on his shoulders. There are times when I [...]

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Voice of An Angel

As a singer, Asnah’s stage performance is definitely something else. No one has ever been able [...]

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It’s late. When Henry’s flight finally touches down at Changi Airport, it is already past ten [...]

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These Walls Will Talk

From the 18th floor, the vehicles down below looked like Lego pieces adorned with glittering glass [...]

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Flying Mouths

In Babad Kasunyatan, Empu Saprakawi wrote a song about flying mouths. Anatomically speaking, these mouths are [...]

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Something happened when I began to see things again. I thought Adam must have returned, and [...]

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